Can i edit the survey information on the server (for the modification of information)!

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Said Hassen


Only the Interviewer role can edit the information collected in each interview.

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What about CAWI surveys? or self-answered surveys?

Hello @paolaggl ,

in self-answered surveys (web-surveys) the respondent provides the answers to all questions with scope interviewer, which is the default scope for all questions in the survey.

They don’t see supervisor and hidden questions.

The name of the scope interviewer is a legacy from the CAPI-era, when the software only had the interviewer-led CAPI mode. Right now the better term for it is probably normal, to indicate that this question behaves as expected for the selected mode (interviewers respond to it in CAPI, and respondents themselves in CAWI).

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy

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