Easy GUI for "enabling conditions"

Is Survey Solutions targeted at programers? I am used to about a dozen survey platforms with advanced logic/conditions but based on simple GUI interface. I do excel formulas and functions, but never tried my hands on C# and I dont seem to get round to it. Is it possible to add an alternative and simple GUI for “enabling conditions” in Survey Solutions?

What would this GUI look like? Please post your design, description of the functionality, and/or a prototype.

Two ideas:

  • Expression builder. Example Stata’s expression builder dialog.
  • Auto-complete for (common) C# functions. Survey Solutions performs auto-complete for questions/variables. Extend auto-complete to functions (e.g., InRange, InList, etc.)–both completion of function names and of their arguments. For function names, see what I have in mind under the “Code Completion” heading here. For function arguments, see RStudio’s auto-complete here.