Dynamic variable

Hello, I have a household roster, and separately, a list of plots. For each plot, there is a question (Q1_1, Q1_2, Q1_3, etc.) that identifies the primary household member who is in charge of the plot (single select).
After all the plots are enumerated, I want to speak to each individual household member in charge of each specific plot. I have added a roster, linked to the initial household roster, but enabled only for those selected as “decision makers” in “Q1”. Now I want to create a variable that also displays the plot we are referencing for each household member. I am hoping to create a string variable %PlotName% based on the person identified as the decision maker, for example, if the current rowcode is the same as Q1_1, PlotName == %Plot1%, if Q1_2, PlotName == %Plot2%, etc. Is this possible? What is the best way to handle such a scenario?
Thank you very much.

Dear Ms. Dumitrescu,

thank you for your question. If your structure is nested rosters, you can refer to both the name of the item at the current level and the name of the item at the parent level by mentioning the ID of the roster itself.

Say, you have RPLOTS and RMEMBERS as two rosters, and RMEMBERS is nested into RPLOTS. Then in that roster you can include in questions’ text %RPLOTS% to show the name of the plot, and %RMEMBERS% to show the name of the person.

If your structure is not nested, then I don’t see how this may work, since in general a single person may be in charge of multiple plots and then your variable may explode to a huge list.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin