Dynamic Content in hyperlink

Hi all,
I am trying to send e-mail some documentation in a survey. The CAPI operator will ask the e-mail of the respondent and then immediately send an e-mail to the respondent.
I take the e-mail address with a text question.
Then if I write it in a static text like Click Here a sendmail window opens. However when I try to get the e-mail address from the previous question, (i.e. [Click Here](mailto: %email% ) it does not compile due to the blanks near to %. Is there any other way for doing this?
Thank you in advance.

I am seeing this as a potential problem. There may be no connectivity during the interview for the interviewer’s tablet, and hence no possible sending out of the email to the respondent.

What is the role of “some documentation” in the survey?

Actually, the CATI operator will use the system for making an appointment and they will send the link of a website (unfortunately reading a web link does not solve the problem as the webpage is in English but the participants speak only Turkish) and a report from the previous wave of the survey. The potential respondent may accept to participate after reviewing the documentation.
I.e. this is for enterprise surveys of WBG.
Best regards.

The approach you are taking now will not work. You will not be able to do a substitution into the target of a link.

Hope this helps. Sergiy