Duplicity in assignments


I would like to request help with a problem we have when trying to load assignments through a file, the same assignments are created but duplicates.

I mean, even though I set the number of interviews to size 1, the survey solutions creates 2 assignments.

I attach images of proof of what is happening, thanks in advance for the help.

Using the demo server, I have preloaded the DemoQuest6 questionnaire (which was already imported to the HQ) with the following file:

region	address
1	1234 Main St.
2	3636 16th St. Apt A332
3	4310 Sunny Rd.

I see that exactly 3 assignments were created (correctly):

How can the problem you are experiencing be reproduced?

What version of Survey Solutions was used to create those assignments?

Hi Sergiy,

We have two environments and we tried to load the file in this test environment but the error did not occur, that’s why we decided to upload the case because it is not the first time that it happens. Our version of the survey solutions is 22.12.1 (build 33634)


Hello @mcastillo ,

I understand from the above that:

  1. you have two environments TEST and PROD.
  2. you are running v22.12.1 (33634) on each of them.
  3. the problem never occurs in the TEST environment.
  4. the problem occurs only in the PROD environment and occurred multiple times already.
  5. there are no steps to reliably provoke the problem.

Given the above, the question is what is the difference between the TEST and PROD setups?

Nobody has reported the same issue so far.
I see from the screenshot that there are already interviews collected on the assignment.
Was the problem prominent immediately after the assignments were created? Or appeared sometimes later? (after the interviews started to appear).

Look back at the file you’ve uploaded. imho, the problem is in the file, not the code.

Also, you wrote:

I mean, even though I set the number of interviews to size 1, the survey solutions creates 2 assignments.

A single assignment is to be created even in the case the size is different from 1. So if your file has 10 lines, there should be 10 new assignments created.

Look at the history of every assignment and see when it originated, and who initiated that process.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Sergiy

@mcastillo , is there any additional information on how to reproduce the issue? Is there an example of the file used for preloading? Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Thank you.

Hello Sergiy, it is not possible for us to replicate the error because it is something that happens intermittently, yesterday it happened to us again, it was uploaded in a productive environment and duplicated again and when uploading the same file in a test environment the problem does not occur .

The file used does not allow uploading through this forum but we can send it to you by email.

Is it possible for you to upgrade your server to the latest version of Survey Solutions?
This version is an old one and some fixes were done in the later releases.

Update the software and continue observations.

If the issue reoccurs, see my message above, answer as many questions as you can, where can’t write “don’t know” or explain, because at this time it is not clear how many of the guesses are correct.

Try to craft an artificial file that can be shared and which is sufficient to replicate the issue.

Explain how the testing environment where the issue never occurs is different from the production environment where the issue does occur.

Do not send the file itself to the email.

Send the link to the file to my personal email (with the link, please include this meta information: file name, size, and a checksum in MD5, SHA1, or SHA256). (I believe you already do have my email).