Dropdown list fed from other questions

Good morning SUSO team.

I was wondering if it’s possible to create a dropdown list fed from other questions already answered.

Like this example.

In a telephone interview the interviewer registered a new telephone number on his first iteration:

  1. interviewer, please indicate which telephone number you used in your interview.

a. New number → jump to 2.

b. Already registered number. → jump to 3.

  1. Please type the telephone number.

[999999999 ]

The second iteration, the interviewer chooses the alternative “b Already registered number.” and jumps to question 3.

  1. Please select the telephone number.

(dropdown list)

[999999999 ]

[999999998 ]

[999999997 ]

[999999996 ]

The point of this approach is to reduce the burden of the interviewer when he’s/she’s filling SUSO.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

The answer to this question you will find at this page:

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