Downloading Interviewer App offline using .apk file

Hi SS team,

I was wondering is it possible to download Interviewer App using one .apk file on tablets? So for instance, I save an .apk file from my HQ and then share that with all the interviewers to install the App on their tablets instead of sharing the online download link with each interviewer? Of course they will have to synchronise and set up using different credentials.

Why would you want to do that?

Because some of enumerators will be accessing the devices in villages with poor internet connection and might not be able to download the App directly from HQ.

Downloading and sharing the APK offline works. You need to make sure the version is the same as your server.

I think the supervisor app has such a functionality where the supervisor can update the interviewer tablets during the sync. I have never used this and am not sure.

This is correct. Technically it doesn’t matter how the interviewer obtained the APK. But it is a discipline issue, if any of the interviewers obtain an APK from a newer server that may not be able to communicate with your data server. Obtaining updates from own server guarantees that the server is never older than the app.

If they at some point (at the beginning of the survey?) are in the central office/better connectivity area, it would be preferable to do the download/initial setup then and only after travel to the remote villages with poor connectivity to conduct interviews.