Downloaded files are not displayed

Good afternoon survey team, the option to export data does not display 2 files downloaded today ERCUE AQP-CUZ-MEDIOS-MOQ-PUN-TAC (version. 3). However in the audit log they are, as evidenced in the attached screen. Please indicate why this is due.

Hi survey team, anynews?

We can (sometimes) search for a needle in a haystack, but only if you point to the haystack and there is a reasonably high confidence that the needle is in there.

Your screenshots are cutting the essential part - the name of the server. Where do you expect the person reading your message to even start searching?

Good night, I attached screen where you can see the name of the server.

Good morning dear, did you manage to review the reported case?


Export page shows only last generated export file per export type per questionnaire. So if you do 3 consequent exports only last one is visible on page.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the clarification.

Buen dia
Saludos, una pregunta, yo configure mi encuesta entrando en Survey Designer. Pero no se como acceso a esta pantalla que tu muestras aca. SI por favor me puedes ayudar te lo agradezco