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We are testing a CAWI questionnaire with some respondents. While trying to download the web links, the file comes empty. We could download it in the past but now the file is empty.

The reason why we want to get the links again is that one respondent “completed” the interview before completing all the questions but we want to reject and re-activate the link so she can finish the interview.

We looked at this tutorial in the support page but could not find the correct way to reject and re-generate the link of an interview.

If the respondent uses the same link she used to access the questionnaire, she gets the following message: “The link has expired”. Thus, what we are attempting is for the respondent to be able to re-access the questionnaire for her to be able to complete.

Any guidance on how to get the new link would be much appreciated.

The reject functionality in the CAWI will not deliver the notification to the respondent (despite the presence of the appropriate notification template). [not yet implemented]

Recommendation: Reject to interviewer who follows up with the respondent.

Dear Sergy,

We are facing this issue in a CAWI survey:

A respondent “completed” the interview but she did not provide any answer. Thus, we are attempting to reject, re-assing (to the interviewer), and let the respondent know that she can re-access her interview. However, the status of the interview remains as “RejectedBySupervisor” even if the supervisor re-assigns to the interviewer.

The problem is that the respondent cannot access the link of the interview using her pasword becuse “the link has expired”

This is what we are attempting:

  • Supervisor rejects the interview
  • The status of the interview switches to “RejectedBySupervisor”
  • Supervisor is trying to assign the interview to an interviewer
    -But the status of the interview remains as “RejectedBySupervisor”

As a result, the respondent cannot access the interview again.

We are wondering if there’s anything we are missing or if we are skipping some steps.

The details of the interview are the following:

Questionnaire: “Welcome to the RCA online survey”
Assignment ID: 63