Download Supervisor App?

In the new release 18.08 of survery solutions (, it’s mentionned that it exist an Android Application of the supervisor.
Where we can download the supervisor android App?


If you login as a supervisor you can download the app in the top right corner menu firefox_2018-08-07_17-51-09

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Hi, it appears that assignments made through the new supervisor app are not going through to interviewers despite several synchronizations on both sides. Assignments made online still work.

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Exactly I have the same problem. Synchronization doesn’t work between Interview and Supervisor App by bluetooth.

Please describe what you do. Please tell us exactly what you are trying to do and what steps you perform to synchronize.

In order to enable offline synchronization you need to go to settings of Interviewer application and disable “Allow synchronization with Headquarters” checkbox. After that tablet is going to be switched to offline mode

If I understand correctly, it is not possible to have both the supervisor and HQ send assignments to interviewers if one were to use the supervisor app?

Synchronization is a two way street, so it’s not only the assignments, but also the interviews that get sent out. With that the tablet needs to know whom to pass it. Default – server, with new setting unchecked – local supervisor.

If you do have connectivity, work in the old mode sending data to the server. If you need for some reason both, please explain.

I have test the processus but the synchronisation between Supervisor and Interviewer by Blutooth doesn’t work. I’ll explain the detail of processus.

  1. In the HQ I assign two questionnairies to the supervisor
  2. In supervisor App, I do synchronisation and get the two assignements
  3. The supervisor affects one assignement to the interviewer usertest

Now to send assignement from Supervisor App to Interviewer App I do synchronisation but before doing it the interviews require to update the google service play. I do it but the sync doesn’t work. Here, we have the different screen

1. The dashbord of supervisor

2. Interview assigned to the interviewer

3. On supervisor App, we click in the sync button with horizontal arrow

4. On interviewer App, we click in sync button

5. The result in intervier without the assignement

6. The result in Supervisor App

Ibrahima, you wrote

Blockquote I do it but the sync doesn’t work. Here, we have the different screen

The screen is different because now you have the missing part installed. But now you need to follow the error message. And the message says “Supervisor application needs to be synchronized” before the interviewer can talk to it. So just sync the supervisor!

PS: thanks for taking time to take the screenshots, they are helpful

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What Sergiy meant is for you to sync the Supervisor app with the server. Let us know if you manage to sync Supervisor app and the Interviewer.

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After synchronizing Supervisor and the Headquater, the synchronization between Supervisor and Interviewer works correctly. But I have two remarks/questions:

  1. After synchronazing Supervisor and Headquater, we have in the column Responsible (suptest) for the assignement number 2298 instead of (usertest) because it was already assigned to usertest on Android Supervisor App by the supervisor.

  2. is it mandatory to activate wifi and bluetooth on Supervisor tablet to synchronize Interviewer and Supervisor ?

On #2: yes, you have to have both bluetooth and wifi on to synchronize supervisor and interviewer apps.

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as of now changes made by Supervisor in offline mode are not synchronized to Headquarters server. Its supervisor’s responsibility to distribute tasks for his team

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What I meant is that I enjoyed the fact that both HQ and the supervisor could both send assignments and review interviews in the online version on the server. If I choose to not allow synchronization with headquarters and use the supervisor app, does that mean that HQ can no longer make assignments directly for interviewers?

  1. No it doesn’t mean that.

It means that the interviewers will get direct assignments from HQ, but they will only get it to know through their supervisor.
The HQ still has to do the approval AFTER the supervisor.

  1. If you do have connectivity for both interviewer and supervisor use the old mode and don’t use the supervisor app. If you enjoyed it before, you can continue enjoying it.

Thank you for your answer but i think to have same information for assignement between Supervisor App and HQ (if supervisor is connected there), during the synchrization operation it will be interresting to synchronize the change or assignement made by Supervisor in offline mode. It help the central team to see assignement made by supervisor in offline mode.
For example if assignement number 2298 is assign to the interviewer usertest in offline mode by supervisor, after synchronization between supervisor and HQ, we should have (usertest) in the column Responsible for assignement tab.

Thanks again for your availability

The original topic of this thread “Download Supervisor App” looks resolved now. Any desired changes to the current behavior should be posted to the Feature Suggestions section.