Download a list of completed questions

It has been a long day for my data collection in the field now its time to download data. I know we can download all data by generating it to the type of file we want to download ex. Stata format, SPSS format and other but when we download it will come with all data that has been approved by the supervisor or HQ. 1) What I want to know can we just download it by a package of each supervisor? 2) can I download a list of completed questions. An example I have interview 100 of households and I want to download separately from each household. Can we do that?

Some quick answers to your questions:

  • Possible to download by supervisor. To my knowledge, no, Instead, you can download data for all supervisors, and then, via a reasonably simple script, create a separate set of data files for each supervisor. Basically, you download a big batch of data, filter down to what you need, and then split the data into as many files as you need.
  • Possible to download by interviewer If you are downloading to Stata/SPSS/tab, the same mechanism described above could be used: download all data, filter down to cases with interview__status == "Completed" Additionally, one can fetch the data for a particular interview in JSON format, via the following API endpoint: GET /api/v1/interviews/{id}

Could you say more about what you’re trying to accomplish? That will help me orient you to the best solutions I see. For example, do you want the data for all interviews completed today?