Doing a matrix question in survey solution

Good morning
please i need help
i want to create a matrix question in survey solution but i didn’t know how
also when i want to compile my questionnary this error appear "[WB0096]:Une erreur s’est produite lors de la compilation du questionnaire. " and i didn’t know how to resolve it
thanks for your answer

Please change the Variable name of the first chapter (Cover page).

Creating a simple matrix in SuSo. This can be done by choosing matrix roster display mode.
Matrix can only be used in CAWI mode (web interviews).
The structure should place only one question into a roster. The categories of this question will determine the columns of the matrix and he roster items will determine the rows.
For more and illustrated examples visit SuSo documentation

thanks for your answer but where i could find the matrix rooster ?

This is how it can be done in SuSo, first create a roster as shown below


Input all necessary required fields for the roster, as described here SuSo documentation for Matrix rosters then choose/select Matrix as your display mode. as shown below.


Hope this helps.

The confusion is because @ayla is trying to cram all her survey into the cover page which is not serving this purpose and hence here screenshot shows no ADD ROSTER button. Instead @ayla should put only identifying information to the cover page, and put the rest of the questionnaire into the subsequent sections.

In those sections there will be a possibility to add a roster as advised by @blessingskalua

Dear all,

I also had this challenge. I have prepared an example that shows how to set up a simple matrix roster. The cover page also contains a short description of the example. You can access it here