Does Survey Solutions support to make the discrete choice experiment?

Can I make a choice task using Survey Solutions? And how can I do this?102920_2_En_5_Fig3_HTML|544x238

Many thanks!

This looks like a single-select question to me.

To build on @sergiy’s, the question text would describe House A’s characteristics and House B’s characteristics, and the answer options would be House A and House B.

To pose a question on the requirements, does it matter how the options are displayed? In your example, and in other discrete choice experiment’s I’ve seen (on rapid search), the options appear side by side–presumably to facilitate comparison. Is this necessary for your Survey Solutions questionnaire, or can the choices be shown in another way (e.g., if to the respondent, via printed show-cart like your example or via options presented sequentially in the question text)? If choices must appear as they do in your example–question to @sergiy–is it possible to use HTML table or other tags to achieve this? I think the answer is “no” by design (i.e., only certain tags are supported), but want to confirm.

No. Table tags will be removed by the Designer if encountered in the text.

Is this a CAPI or CAWI survey?

@arthurshaw2002 your comments absolutely right. I want to present to respondents the choice task that shows the option side-by-side, and the question text describes the characteristics of House A and B.

For single-response question, the respondent answers question by choosing the category that is appropriate, i.e. checking one if applying. But for the choice experiment, I want to show clearly the attributes of the choice and ask respondents to reveal their choice.
I don’t know how to design the choice task that it’s interface as the same as the picture I have attached, and of course, can Survey Solutions do this? @sergiy, @arthurshaw2002

See my question above.

@sergiy This is a CAPI survey.

In that case print a flash card that you will show to the respondent, the questionnaire only asks which version the respondent has selected.

@sergiy thank you very much for your support. That is actually what I plan to do.

@sergiy and one more question, does the CAWI survey can design a choice experiment?

I’ve asked because if you are doing a CAWI you don’t have a luxury of showing a flash card :page_facing_up:

Yep, thank you very much for your support.