Docker setup, Google Maps and GeoTIFF configuration

I’m using docker (docker-compose, actually) to run Survey Solutions and postgres containers.
(Also added a ngnix container in front to handle SSL certificates, but nevermind that).

Question is: how do I setup Google Maps API?
I don’t see anything about it in the documentation.
Is there an environment variable for this?

Also, is GeoTIFF also supported by the docker image?


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Hello, all configuration settings are following pattern when provided via environment variables: HQ_SectionName__SettingName. In server setup there is a note on how configuration file should look like:

ApiKey=%your api key%

So for docker you’d need to provide environment variable HQ_GoogleMap__ApiKey=%your key%

As far as I remember GeoTiff should be supported from basic docker image, no need for additional setup. Is it working for you?

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Hi. Thank you for your answer.

Yes, Google Maps works fine.

I added 3 lines to the environment section of the docker-compose.yml file, even though I am not sure they are all needed:

HQ_GoogleMap__ApiBaseUrl: ""
HQ_GoogleMap__BaseUrl: ""
HQ_GoogleMap__ApiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxx"

We’re going to test the GeoTIFF feature within the next few days, I will let you know how it goes.

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