Displaying the values of longitude/latitude from geography point type question


I have a geography type question. Just a “point” and input mode is manual.
Just to have a visual display that the question is already answered, I want to put a static text showing the actual value of the variable i used in the geography question (which contains lat/lon).
I used this in the static text:
Coordinates of the new building: %A08_Coord%
where A08_Coord is the variable of the geography question.
Upon compiling and error message saying - “Substitution references an item that is not supported in substitutions.”
Tried other options like %A08_Coord.Latitude%, %A08_Coord.1%
but I’m not successful.

Maybe somebody can help me with this one.

Thank you.

This article describes how a geography question may be used in the syntax. Afaik individual points are not addressable in the syntax, and as per this article geography question is not available for substitutions.

Use IsAnswered() function to examine whether the question has been answered.

If you need the coordinates to return to that building - use a GPS location question. If the objective is different, please explain.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy, thanks for the quick responce.

Here is what we want:

Just a static text (or formula) to show the coordinates of the tagged location.

Thank you,

Create a Double variable, say Lat, with the expression A08_Coord.Latitude.
Then use %Lat% in your static text.

Hi Klaus,

Tried it (just for the latitude) but there’s a compilation error.

I’m sorry, my suggestion doesn’t work for the Geography question. It works for GPS questions and I falsely assumed that single point Geography question would have a similar structure as a GPS reading.

I cannot find any documentation about the structure of the Geography (“Georgaphy”) object. Maybe someone from the developer team could give a hint about its structure.



Thanks Klaus, I cannot also find a solution or a work around on this. Hope somebody else knows how to do this.

Listed directly in the “Data types” article of the documentation:

Recent changes in 22.12 added .RequestedAccuracy and .RequestedFrequency properties and the full set is described again in the Use in Syntax subsection of the Geography Question article:

Best, Sergiy

Apologies, I stand corrected. The Geography class is documented in the Data Types document.

The fact that the point coordinates are not shown in the documentation could mean that this field is declared as private. If this is the case it would be useful to make it public (like Latitude, Longitude, etc. in the GPS class), so the coordinates can be used in validation expressions like GPS coordinates can be used.


Hi Klaus,

Totally agree with you, the coordinate/s should at least be displayed on the screen or be put in a variable for processing.


Hello @OliverPA,

somehow you went from


which are two very different requirements and without explanation for the transition.

– What will the interviewer do with the coordinates?
– How does this affect the quality of data?
– Which project(s) need(s) this?
– What are the available workarounds?

Please describe the details.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy,

Just want to have some more visual indicator that a location has been tagged by displaying the coordinates on the screen. The putting in the variable is just for more flexibility, for whatever reason.

here are my answers
– What will the interviewer do with the coordinates?
just to see that question has been answered, kindly refer to my illustration above

– How does this affect the quality of data?
again to make sure that question is answered

– Which project(s) need(s) this?
for tagging the roof of the new building that was not there a few years ago

– What are the available workarounds?
i think i see something like, “Show Coordinate” like if you use Q.PointsCount, maybe that would work, will still check

Thanks, Oliver

See also

Hi @sergiy, thanks for the reply

We just added a static text saying “Building has be geotagged” with enabling condition related to the geography question above.

The impact is for the questionnaire to be more user friendly.

We sent you an email on this one.

haven’t really tested but i think only works on hq (web browser)