Displaying one question at a time on tablet

Using the Survey Solutions Designer, is it possible to display one question at a time while administering the survey with a tablet? Currently all my “required” questions are displayed on one screen that you need to scroll down as you ask questions in succession. Ideally I would like one question on the screen and when the response is recorded, it would bring the user to the next question. Thank you.

Survey Solutions is designed for large surveys of several hundreds or even thousands of questions and many sections. Navigation through such large questionnaires is the major challenge for the interviewers. An ability of Survey Solutions to efficiently display dozens of questions on the same screen is the main factor that makes Survey Solutions a viable tool for the large surveys. Technologically, this is not a simple task and many other CAPI system just cannot do that reverting to one question at a time approach.

Inability to navigate through large questionnaires with one-question-at-a-time was the main reason the attempts to use PDAs failed in early 2000s.

Consistently, survey after survey, interviewers working with Survey Solutions emphasize how they like our interface much better compared to the competition.

But, to answer your question: Survey Solutions does not have a direct way to show one question at a time on the screen. There are some work arounds, but we are not promoting such an approach.