Displaying GPS altitude in the app itself

I need to display the altitude when we capture the gps on the app. currently I have to download the dataset to see the altitude. is there any variable we can create or any callback function that I dont know about?

Have a look at the syntax guide for GPS questions. As you can see there, you are able to access both Altitude and Accuracy within the Questionnaire/Interview, e.g


Hi, I created GPS variable named “GPS”. and I added GPS_GPS.Altitude to a variable but it shows this error

In the syntax guide I linked above, the variable name of the GPS question is var_GPS. Therefore, assuming yours is named GPS your syntax would be:


If we measure a certain location (latitude + longitude) we can use it to navigate back to that point. But how is altitude helpful in a survey?

one of those “crazy client demand” . My country altitude ranges from 59m to 8848m … turns out client wants validation warning based on the altitude.


this is one of the reasons why this validation makes absolutely no sense. All observations taken anywhere on this planet will be within this range. So what? (and don’t try to play on the 0…59m range - the GPS altitude measurement is not that precise to distinguish 0 from 59 in most cases).

A validation warning telling the interviewer to do what?

  • Warning! Your altitude is 2345m! Go higher!”, or
  • Warning! Your altitude is 2345m! Go lower!” or what should the interviewer actually do after seeing the altitude measurement??

You can restrict the interviewer to remain in a certain area, but determining the range of valid latitude and longitude values that determines simultaneously the altitude values, which is beyond the interviewer’s control.

some fruits can only be grown on certain altitude. .so if the respondent lives in (200-500 m) than he/she cant grow fruits that only grows in (2500-3500m)

Importantly, your client wants validation not of the GPS location itself, but the answer to another question in the questionnaire, which is not so crazy after all.

Plants have been successfully grown in space: Plants in space - Wikipedia taking them to extreme conditions, dramatically different from where they originate. Yet, statistically, we observe different plants prevail at different altitudes.

Instead of affecting the plants directly the elevation determines other factors critically affecting the plants, most importantly: temperature and humidity, as well as types of soil, and erosion/wind conditions. All of these are successfully controlled by the farmers (greenhouses, irrigation, use of fertilizers, etc), if economically justified.

Thus I would not consider as impossible growing any plant at any elevation, but rather allow for a possibility of a mistake either in plant identification or in the data entry. Both can be combatted with spot checks - “Can I take a picture of the X plant’s leaves and fruit in your garden (Y/N)?”, (and a picture question).

If your question is very specific in terms of what you are inquiring with reliable information relevant to your country, the control for elevation ranges vs. plant species can be done very efficiently by organizing your data into lookup tables (similarly to how we check the prices of items in the stores/markets). If you consider your information 100% accurate you can even shortlist the selections by imposing the filters on plant species selector to limit choices to only possible values.

Hope this helps.

Best, Sergiy