Display only the answered options from previous question in a new question


I have a multi select question type(called Q1) with 6 possible answers. In the next question which is single select type (called Q2), I want to display only the answered options from Q1. For example if the interviewee will answer the option 1 and option 2 from Q1, I would like to display these 2 options in Q2.
Is this possible?

Dear Christos, yes this is possible. You can use the filter facility in the second categorical question to keep only some of the options. Best. Sergiy.

I tried this but it does not function.
I put this as a filter in Q2:
IsAnswered(Q1) || Q1.Contains(@optioncode)

and as an enabling condition this:

But something is going wrong. The results it is not the expected, as I wish.
Can you help me with this?

Sure. Your filter allows ALL options to pass via the first part of the expression IsAnswered(Q1). Remove it. But keep it in the enabling condition.

I removed it and now it is working perfect!
Thank you very much.