Display non answered options from previous question in a new question


I have a single select question type(called Q1) with 5 possible answers. In the next question which is multi select type (called Q2) I want to display the non answered options from Q1. For example if the interviewee will answer the option 1 from Q1, I would like to display in Q2 the other 4 options.
Is this possible?

Dear Christos Alasis,

yes, this is possible. Both categorical questions should have identical set of options, but the second question should have a filter attached to it.

Try the following filter:
!IsAnswered(mcq_car1) || !mcq_car1.Contains(@optioncode)

And the following enabling condition (in addition to the filter):
!IsAnswered(mcq_car1) || (mcq_car1.Length<5)

(where 5 is the number of options in the first question)

Best, Sergiy Radyakin


mcq_car1 is the variable name for a question (first question of the pair). In my case I tested this with cars example, hence the name. The syntax I have pulled out from an actual questionnaire, so there is no syntax error in the expression. However, if you don’t have that question then, of course, there will be a syntax error.

Anything that goes into IsAnswered() function, is some question’s name.

Best, Sergiy

I tried your solution but there is a syntax error with this (mcq_car1) and also I cannot understand what exactly it means. If you can help me more with this context, I would appreciate it.


Christos, you are right. If the first question is a single select, not multi-select question then some changes are required, and I am glad you have figured out how to adapt it for your case. The part (mcq_car1.Length<5) was checking that the number of options selected is not all, because if all are selected in the first question, then there is no possible selection in the second question. If you have single select as the first question however, then you will never have all options selected there (as it only allows one selection), so the part with Length can be disregarded.

Best, Sergiy


I fixed the errors I mentioned you yesterday such as:
In the filter instead of Contains I wrote InList (because the Q1 is a single select type) and in the enabling condition instead of Length I wrote InRange.
Now is working perfect. Thank you for your support.

Ok, thank you very much! It is working perfect!