Disappearing date/time when an interview was started

Hi, we have noticed that sometimes (the cause and condition for replication of this issue were not discovered yet) the date and time of the interview that was created when its located inside the “started” and “completed” tabs disappears.

I am uploading a picture to show what I mean. Its the interview with number 03-17-17-34. If anybody knows why this is happening or if there is another post referring to this issue, could you please let me know? If this issue haven’t been discussed yet can we fix it somehow? Also a little off topic → anybody know how we can change the time and date to be shown in our language? It shows “seconds ago”/“minutes ago”/“yesterday” instead of the Czech equivalent. Many thanks in advance.

What is the version of your Interviewer App?

It’s version 22.06.9 (32955).

@MichalSobr ,

thank you very much for reporting this issue. This is acknowledged as a defect that will be fixed in a future version. See the status updates here:

Best, Sergiy