Different order shown in the categorical question options in the imported questionnaire

Hello Survey Solutions team,

I have imported a questionnaire on my server with 90+ single choice categorical questions that are using the same loaded category. When I test the questionnaire in Survey Solutions Designer, the order of the options for each categorical question is displayed as I define it. However, after importing the questionnaire, the order of the choices for each question changed.

This is the first time this has happened to me, I have imported some questionnaires with categorical one-choice questions and I have never had this inconvenience.

Although I didn’t load the category I am using in this questionnaire, I added them one by one directly in Survey Solutions Designer. Could this be the event that caused this inconvenience?

Thanks for your help.

I think that’s the problem, I downloaded the uploaded category and the order appears different from the one I defined, so when I import it to the server, it only shows the order in which the options appear in this category file.

Hello @kv700032 ,

this seems the same as the following issue reported earlier here.

Best, Sergiy

Hello @sergiy, thanks for shared it.

Although this inconvenece isn’t unique to interviewer or supervisor applications, I discovered it using a CAWI mode.