Different decimal separators within the same interview

Dear SS team,

I designed a survey with several numeric questions allowing decimals… The survey is ongoing at the field level, however, the app is using different decimal separators (commas and dots) within the same interview. In rosters, dots are used as decimal separator while in the rest of the survey are commas. Indeed, the web platform shows the following error message:


In addition, I chose the option thousand separator for some numeric questions but this is not working.

Thanks in advance.


Can You provide a bit more info for steps to reproduce:

  • Browser with version
  • What browser language were used

Hi, I am using Google Chrome Versión 75.0.3770.100 (Build oficial) (64 bits). The language used is spanish.

Is it 100% reproducible? Are there is some wierd step need to be done, i.e. move mouse in certain area, or click somewhere. I cannot find a way to repro this issue.

I am not sure where the problem is occuring? Interviewers in field are registering the answers of decimal numeric questions using commas as decimal separator (spanish setting in tablets) and they can see a dot as thousand separator when entering integer values. However, when supervisors or headquarters check the answers an error massage is displayed and the values are seeing in the following way:

  • some decimal values using commas, some using dots.
  • thousand separators (nor spaces) are not shown at all.

The good thing is that the database generated and exported is consistent across columns, everything using dots as decimal separators.

Attached you’ll find what I see in my screen as headquarter…





Ohh, it seems that’s its not enough to change browser locale to Spanish, I were need to change system regional settings to Spanish also.

Thanks, we will take a look at it.