Different database name for Survey Solution

Good day,
I am currently managing a database server running PostgreSQL, alongside another server hosting our Survey Solution accessible via the URL [https://abc.com]. Recently, our users have requested a new instance of the survey solution to be hosted on [https://def.com]. To prevent https://def.com from using the same database (since our database is becoming quite large), I have opted to employ a separate database named SurveySolution2.

However, I’ve encountered an issue when attempting to update the database name in the second instance of Survey Solution within the configuration file – it causes disruptions in the survey’s connection to the database.

Could you kindly provide guidance on how to properly set up the second instance of the Survey Solution on a different server with a distinct database name, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation?

Hello @jalpuche ,
You can simply run the docker image, which will embed all the settings for you.
There won’t be any need for you to configure the DB again, since wit will come preinstalled as part of the packages