different clouds for the same tablet

Hello, can the same table have 2 independent clouds for different teams? Example: My team is making surveys every year (one time) for the same group of people, but another team who have the tablet are going to make them surveys every month for the same group of people as we are. So we were thinking to use the same tablet for the 2 surveys, but we are concerned about the credential and clouds. The app for the tablet allow 2 different clouds? And the credential for the interviewer need to be the same?
Thank you, Susana

Dear Susana,

Interviewer app can be synchronized only with one Headquarters site with single Enumerator credentials due to security and management system requirements.

But on the tablet you can setup multiple users on Android OS and create separate enumerator accounts for them on Headquarters site https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/android-basics-set-up-multiple-user-accounts-same-device-0168597/

Moreover you can conduct few surveys by import few templates and create assignments on Headquarters site

Best regards,