Diary questionnaire

i have a fixed roster with period/time items for the whole day as follows;

06.00 am and 07.00 am…1

07.00 am and 08.00 am…2

08.00 am and 09.00 am…3


05.00 am and 06.00 am…20

Inside the roster I have a question asking ‘qn1. What activities were you doing yesterday between each of the period indicated above(multiselect)’

Then, I have a question outside the roster asking about “qn2. Which activity during the whole day did you enjoy the most? ”. In this question I’m struggling the syntax to pull all the activities done for the whole day into a single select question for selection.

Here’s a quick sketch that should do what you need. The secret is the filter condition that looks for any answer in the roster that contains the current option code. See more in the documentation here.

Perfect, thank you the solution answers my question. But just an additional question "what if the question in the roster is a list question? i hope the filter time_use.Any(x => x.main_activity.Contains(@optioncode)) is applicable for for multi-select question. What if it could be list question.

Since list questions don’t have pre-coded values, it wouldn’t work. If one wants to capture multiple activities, then a multi-select question is the only choice I see. If you wanted the answers to look more like a list question, you could select Combo box from Display mode. That would give the appearances of a list, but would, data-wise, be a multi-select question.

One can still make a selection among multiple activities entered as text (not precoded) with a linked question:

Thank you @sergiy and @arthurshaw2002, i still don’t get the solution to this part of the problem. Find my case here! Diary questionnaire. It’s either a question in a roster (Q1) is a text question or multi-select question to link with Q11 otherwise i agree with @arthurshaw2002 that the list question can not work here!

sorry, find the link here https://designer.mysurvey.solutions/q/details/bb08b53c-8554-470d-ac8c-a26035cd0277

@eliah , you’ve started with:

but then changed the setup to

Why does the questionnaire specifically demand a text list question here? Or , perhaps, it does not? What does the questionnaire prototype look like?