Dialer for CATI

Hello Team,

It would be great if we can automatically redirect to phone dialer for the CATI surveys we conduct. During CATI surveys we will have a list of numbers to dial which will be pre-filled and the interviewer could just press a dial option instead of dialing the numbers.

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@ibdiop has reported succeeding in this in another thread of this forum.

Dear Sergiy,

I hope you wanted to refer to the thread below.
(Load a specific interview by passing parameter on URL)
Is it possible with the interviewer App? We will be using tablets with calling function.

Yes, that thread. But I have not seen that thing working, so ask @ibdiop for any details.

@ibdiop Any suggestion for CATI

Dear @rajsh
Sorry for the delay in responding. I was on vacation. what tool do you use to call?

For our case, we use goAutoDiall to call the respondent and SurveySolutions to filled the questionnaire. But each questionnaire was identify by the number of the responsable.

If you want more technical information, I am available to answer if I have the answer

Dear @ibdiop ,

Thanks for your reply. We are using MI tablet with GSM calling. We will be using the sim network to dial and survey solutions in the same tab.


Dear @rajsh
Take a look to this post Dial phone number directly from Interviewer app


Dear @ibdiop ,

The post you shared hasn’t been solved.


Rajsh, you can use online surveys as well. It gets your work done within minutes, has increased response rates, more people tend to answer such surveys, and you can even analyze the entire set of responses and find out what your audience think of you in real-time. CATI surveys may not help anymore as it has been seeing declining responses.
Here’s a reference for online whatsapp surveys. Personally found it useful: whatsApp-surveys-english