Designing the questionnaire and translation in parallel

We have a questionnaire that is almost final. We have now exported the translation excel sheet and sent it for translation. In the mean time, what changes can I make to the questionnaire without breaking the import of the sheet? Can I:

  1. Add Questions
  2. Change text of the questions/ categories
  3. Delete Question

Anything else that will break the import?

  1. is really the worst in my opinion - technically the import will not break - the translations are linked to the source using question/object’s id, so everything will look ‘fine’ but you will end up with the situation that your translation (that was based on the old text) will not correspond to the modified text you have currently, and unless you have a good testing stage where someone is specifically looking for discrepancies in the translation in the final questionnaire, you won’t catch this error.

Changing the structure of questionnaire, while translating is fine, but you should not modify the text (meaning) while someone else is translation (offline)

  1. Yes, you are able to add question (or category) to the questionnaire on Designer and add new line to Translation file separately. This action does not break the import. Main rule here is: “Question id on designer has to match to Entity Id value in the file”. Original text cannot be overwritten but Translation will be applied. Reusable/uploaded categories could be updated in similar way (Index field rules here). I would not recommend use this approach in case you change a lot in questionnaire structure, but it might help with minor changes.
    NOTE: I bolded the column/field titles in Translation file.

  1. Deleted question can not break the import. Extra lines in the sheet will be ignored, but try to remove them to avoid unexpected issues.
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I agree. Its easy to miss these discrepancies even with a testing phase.

This is helpful! Thank you.