Designer Type error banner

Hi everyone!
I’m getting this error banner “TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘getLength’)” every time I move, change or compile my questionnaire in Designer. Compilation runs without errors and I can test it, but I don’t know how to identify this problem and fix it.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Here is an image of the signs:

Try to logout from the Designer and then log back in and retry.

Is the questionnaire shared? If so, do your collaborators experience the same symptoms?

Hi Sergiy, thanks for the prompt response.
The questionnaire is shared, and another colleague had the same banners (but not all collaborators see them).
I loged out and back in and now it doesn’t show up anymore! (the same thing happened with the one colleague who saw the errors).
Thank you so much!

I also stumble over a (potentially related?) error banner in the past 2 weeks. Whenever I open a new browser session, log in, and access one particular questionnaire, a TypeError: this .doc is null modal appears every time I select a question in the component pane:

The console returns this:

It is sometimes so pronounced that I can’t properly work on a questionnaire. However, logging out indeed resolves the issue for some time.

The questionnaire was created by a different user and I was granted regular ‘Edit’ rights. I am using Firefox 109.01.

Interestingly, I don’t recall to experience this issue in any other questionnaire in the same browser session.
Happy to provide more details!

Hi @peter_brueck , we worked together on an IFAD project a few years ago. Nice to see you around here!
Regarding this problem, it happened to me again but not systematically and, although it solves when logging out and back in, it’s a bit annoying.
I am using Google chrome, I don’t know what other information may be useful.

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Coming back to this issue: The window started to appear for me again whenever I do the “Find and Replace” action within ANY questionnaire (shared or not shared). The designer becomes unusable as the window will be filled with these error messages whenever one clicks on a component in the questionnaire.

I opened a ticket #2785.

For any user experiecining the same issue: A simple refresh will solve that :slight_smile: No need to log out and back in!