Designer testing error

Whenever I try to test a questionnaire using the online designer, I get the error message attached. Any solutions for this?


Try to connect to internet. If connected, please provide more details, since when I try this, everything works just fine and I am not getting this error.

Best, Sergiy

Hello Sergey. I am connected to the internet. If I import the survey on my local server, the app loads fine. There seems to be a problem whenever I launch a test on the link below:

Hello @BoZ ,

  1. While you are writing that you are connected to the internet, this connection (even if fast) may be not reliable, which may result in the symptoms you’ve mentioned.

  2. The link you’ve mentioned in your message is not portable. It only makes sense in the context of the particular questionnaire in the Designer.

  3. Do you experience the same problem with other questionnaires?

  4. Do you experience the same problem when connecting through other networks?

  5. Does anyone else experience the same problem? or managed to reproduce the problem reported by @BoZ (leaving aside the network connectivity issues, which are beyond our control)?

Best, Sergiy