Designer Owner - change responsibility

Hi there, 3 questions:

  1. I am leaving the project and I am the Owner of the Survey on Designer, is it possible to give this responsibility to other colleague?

  2. Is the Owner of the Survey on Designer the only person allow to required a cloud? Is the person who I gave the access to Edit the Survey allow to require a cloud?

  3. Imagine that the person who I gave the access to Edit my Survey, already have created another survey (not related with mine). Can this person require a single cloud for both Surveys?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Susana,

  1. to become an owner of the questionnaire your colleague will copy your questionnaire and re-share with other partners. Transfer of ownership without copying is not possible.
  2. no
  3. all surveys are independent from each other.

Best, Sergiy

I would even say 1 server 1 sky.


Thank Sergiy,

  1. This means 1 survey 1 cloud?

On #2 - there is no relationship between the cloud servers requests and the ownership of the questionnaire on the Designer.

Thank you Michael.

Could you please be more specific? I had the idea that the interviewer can have the access to one or more surveys at the same time, within the same server. This does not happen?

Is the owner of multiple surveys only allow to ask one server for one survey at the time?




  1. I made 2 question. The “no” answer applies to which question? 1st or 2nd?