Designer after logging on opens on an 'old version' of the questionnaire


I have noticed recently that when I log onto Designer, it sometimes (?) opens straight away in one of the questionnaires rather than on the list of questionnaires. What is problematic with this is that it doesn’t open on the most recent questionnaire in the list, and a few times already I have started making changes, only later realising that I was making changes in an old version (then I had to export both versions to html, copy all to word and do a compare to see what I had changed in the older version to change again in the latest version).

I don’t know exactly when it does this, but I think it is when I don’t log off but just close the browser or tab. When I open Designer again and log on, it opens straight on the old version, rather than the version I was working on when I closed the browser/tab. It does this both when I close only the tab (If I then go back to Designer, I don’t have to fill in login details) and when I close the browser (on restarting I do have to enter login details).

Is there some setting in that one older version that makes it open on that? The more recent version tops the list of my questionnaires in the overview screen. It is a copy of that older version. I thought it might be because I didn’t update the questionnaire variable when making the copy (both files had the same variable), but I changed the variable of the latest questionnaire and it still opens on the older one.

Mainly wanted to highlight to prevent others having the same frustration.


It depends on how do you do the first opening of the page.
If you have Shortcut on your desktop or saved link in your browser to the particular questionnaire the system will redirect you to login page and then after successful checking credentials it will redirect to the page you’ve initially requested.
Please create a shortcut to or clear cache in navigation bar of your browser.

Ah, yes, that fixed it. Thanks Vitalii!