Deployment on Microsoft Azure

Hello dears,
I need to know how to setup Survey Solutions on Azure by specifyiing the version tag ?


Can you clarify what do you mean by a version tag?

If you mean docker image version, you can specify it as surveysolutions/surveysolutions:[tag]

If you’re starting a new survey/installation, please use the most recent version surveysolutions/surveysolutions:latest (not specifying tag is equivalent to latest) instead of using anything older.

Thank you for your answer.
It is not a new installation.
I have setuped surveysolutions on Azure App. Sometime, it run automaticaly a pull docker image. I don’t why, but something goes wrong for the update process and the solution I use is to run again the command to create the web app again :

az webapp create --resource-group $RG --plan $SRVPLAN --name $WEBAPPNAME --deployment-container-image-name surveysolutions/surveysolutions:latest

This is why I need another solution to update the container image.