Deployment for 2+ projects

User Giuseppe Maggio is planning data collection in multiple countries and with help of different counterparts. He is concerned about the proper deployment mode:

We could use the same survey solution server also for COUNTRY B. However, this may be extremely risky: the companies collecting the data could make a mess with the assignments to the enumerators, e.g. assigning to enumerators of COUNTRY A the questionnaire of COUNTRY B, and if this happens it will be a big problem.

In order to avoid such a problem, I’d recommend Giuseppe to place different operations in different workspaces.
The counterparts in country A may be occupying one workspace (e.g. green at the chart), while counterparts in country B may be occupying another workspace (resp. blue at the chart) while Giuseppe and colleagues from his organization may be occupying positions with mixed access (such as shown in positions A, C, F, G).

This was superuseful! thanks for this!