Deploy SS container and connect to AWS PostgreSQL

Dear All Users of SurveySoltutions

I used to set SS on AWS EC2 and connect to AWS PostgreSQL successfully.
But now I want to deploy the SS container with a Linux server and connect to Amazon RDS and I don’t know how to write docker-compose or technical speaking I don’t how to do it.

May someone have knowledge of using docker to help me to complete this?

Thanks so much.

I’d be interested to learn how to do this too.

At a high level, I think one just points to the RDS instance via the docker-compose environment variables–basically letting the RDS instance be a volume to persist data outside of the container.

In practice, :man_shrugging: ?

Here are a few resources that might prove useful:

  • See the “On Docker” section of the AWS setup article.
  • See the Docker deployment documentation here, including the docker-compose repo linked in it.

I don’t know how to write docker-compose that runs an SS container and connects to a cloud database.
Could you please write an example of a docker-compose or docker command to run the SS container and connect to AWS Postgres?

Thanks in advance :pray::pray::pray:

Unfortuantely, I don’t know enough to help. Perhaps the development team could provide some guidance–or at least point you to better/more useful resources.

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