[Demo Server] I can't create new user

Hi SS Team,
I’m requiring some assistance on issues found with the creation of users on the demo server. I’m trying to recreate interviewers and supervisors that should be deleted after the server wipeout but it still notifies that the user exists. I look on the users page for the specific users without success. Your help to detect the issue will be much appreciated. e.g. csalinas.

Thank you in advance.

The message clearly states what is the problem - the user already exists. Since there is no ‘delete’ function inside the system but only ‘archive’ (which keeps the user associated with all the historic actions) indeed without a complete wipe out of the database usernames are unique and ‘lost’ forever once used.

If you’re referring to public demo (demo.mysurvey.solutions) and not your personal demo server, the data on that public server hasn’t been wiped out recently, if I check ‘csalinas’ user (interviewer role) exists indeed.

If you’re following the recent feature updates, we have introduced the concept of workspaces, to which users may or may not have access to. ‘csalinas’ interviewer has access to the workspace called ‘february’, but if you’re logging in with the headquarters1 account, this one now only sees ‘may’ (we’ve been creating new workspaces every moth and moving the headquarters, that’s how the impression of a wipeout may come).

I (as admin user) gave access to ‘csalinas’ (and his supervisor, ‘pcarrasco’) access to the ‘may’ workspace so if you still remember the passwords you can see them now.