Delete the test data (cases)

Hi SS Team,

It will be a grateful job if you can share how do I delete the test data before download at the earliest?


As an administrator you can delete questionnaire and import empty one.

Hi Andrew,

I was trying to delete one case from my server through administrator login. But, the specific record not deleted. Screen short is attached for your better understanding.
Below picture shown, Selected the case for deletion

Below picture shown, Case not deleted

What is the procedure?


You can’t delete interviews once they have been completed and synchronised to the server.

See the topic here for a request for a solution to this: Allow archiving interviews on the server

One workaround you have is to upload a new version of the questionnaire for the live survey and only download that version when exporting the data.

You can also reject it to a ‘Trash’ user and ignore interviews with that user. (Which is what you have to do if you have started the live survey on the same version)