Delete survey cases

Hello Survey Solutions team.

I need a explication to understand how work the “Delete survey cases”.

Let me explain what I am doing, to know if a miss me any step.

Trying to assign to the Supervisor.

  1. With the user Headquarters (I am using the Demo server) assign two assignments to my Supervisor.

  2. Check with the Supervisor (Login with Supervisor User) the assignments to do.

  3. Now, I login with the user Headquarters, no one Interview appear assigne to the Supervisor, so I can’t delete the Interview, also I can’t check all the interviews with state SupervisorAssigned because nothing exist.

So, How I can get the state SupervisorAssigned in my interviews?
That was my first problem.

Interview assigne at the Interviewer

  1. The Supervisor user have two assignments, this assigne it at the Interviewer.

In this point, the Headquarters user should can see twoInterviews assigne to the interviewer “rramos” with the state InterviewerAssigned but don’t exist Interviews assigned to this interviewer.

So I would like can understand How is work the Deletion, because is a dangerous tool reserved for rare occasions, but I can’t get the uniques two states that let me delete a interview.

Thanks for help me.

You are confusing assignments and interviews.

Assignments may be archived.
Interviews may be discarded on the tablet before they are synced to the server.

For simplicity, regard interviews sent from a tablet to the server as non-deletable.

@sergiy thanks. That point was the that I wanted know, because that was my case.

Sergiy, one more question, how I can get that one Interview have the state SupervisorAssigned?

Again, thanks.

Status of an interview is not something that you set manually as you wish, but is something that Survey Solutions sets itself to reflect the last action undertaken.

My reading of this is you are looking for the way to delete an interview.

If this is a one off mistake, just mark this interview with a comment for deletion and move on.

If you are trying to design a survey protocol that would really on the deletion of interviews - then they system will not allow you to do that.

Exactly. That’s my intention.

I read that one Interview can be deleted by the Headquarters user, if the Interview have the state InterviewerAssigned or SupervisorAssigned.

So I am trying to check it how it work that process.

Thanks for your colaboration @sergiy