Delete interviewer account

User Zach Stevens has sent us the following question:

I created an interviewer account that was just to test it out and now when I click the check mark next to the name there is no option to archive the account, but only to move it to a different team.

How can I archive or delete this account?

The HQ cannot archive an interviewer account but can instead lock the account to prevent it from accessing the server.
It is also worth mentioning that in Survey Solutions the accounts that have been created cannot be deleted.

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Zach does not clarify under which account he is working. From the description it follows that he is either in the role of admin or HQ, since he “created an interviewer account”, but since he is writing that only “Move to another team” action is available for the interviewer then he must be in the HQ role.

HQ user can’t archive an interviewer account. Administrator must be involved for this action.

Creation and archiving of user accounts is described in the following page:

kv700032 advises on another possibility to lock out a particular user. This capability is available to admin, HQ, and even the supervisor user, see more information on this here:

kv700032 also is correct that the created accounts can’t be deleted, so will stay indefinitely and the HQ/admin users will not be able to create another account with the same name, but a different role.

I have found the problem. I was logged into a headquarters account rather than an admin account. In the headquarters account I was only able to lock the user, but in the admin account I was able to archive it.