Delete category from drop-down list after it was chosen once

Hello everyone,

I have a question for which the interviewer needs to select a firm ID from a drop-down list. This question is a single-select, cascading combo box. Depending on the country that is selected in a previous question, only the firm IDs for that country will appear.

Is it possible to format this question so the firm ID, after having been selected in an interview, disappears from the dropdown list for future interviews? I.e. I want to prevent the same firm ID being chosen for two different firms.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @nathalie_ra,

If you are asking about the possibility of comparing response values across different interviews, then no that is not possible. This is also true for different interviews within the same device.

In your scenario, would pre-loading the Firm IDs to questionnaires and creating a separate assignment for each possible firm be unreasonable? (EG: it would be unreasonable if there if there are thousands of potential firms and you don’t know which ones you will visit yet. It would be reasonable to take this approach if there are a limited number of firms, or you already know which specific firms you are targetting).

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No. All interviews are independent one from another.

Note, if you are designing something that contains in the questionnaire: persons’ names, firms’ IDs, particular phone numbers, emails, etc, you are, probably, doing something incorrect.