Delaying Survey Solutions updates

Is there a way to prevent updates to Survey Solutions for a specific length of time? I am really afraid that I start a major survey and once in the field updates are force on the system which I must implement and it creates problems maintaining the system.

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I agree. Unplanned updates to the server causes problems to the Interviewers. They need to update their apps before they can Sync. This, although not impossible, is difficult to do when the interviewers are on the field, sometimes without a working internet connection. The morning after the update deployment is full of frantic phone calls from the interviewers complaining about not being able to sync their forms.

Is it possible to give an option to manually install the update when the admin is ready for the deployment? This gives us an option to plan ahead for these updates.

If I am starting fieldwork close to the start of the month, I usually uncheck the “Enabled automatic updates” to allow interviewers with different versions from the server to sync. This does not prevent the automatic updating of the server but it does save from the headache of the interviewers having to update their Interviewer apps immediately in order to sync.

To do this, you need to login as admin and click on admin on the top right side, it should bring up a drop down menu. Under Settings, there’s an option to “Enable automatic updates” so uncheck that.


Wow! That’s going to be very helpful.

But will there be any disadvantages of not being on the same version as the server?

I have had no trouble from my experience but the Interviewer app version was usually only one version behind the server version. To be safe, I would avoid the Interviewer app being multiple versions behind the server. For example, Interviewer app being at 19.07 and the server being on 19.12.

One disadvantage I can see is that you will not benefit from any of the bug fixes and feature additions to the Interviewer app. I usually make the interviewers update their app when there is a bit of break in the fieldwork when I know they will all be in a more urban setting with better connectivity.