Defining the "_responsible" when creating/uploading assignments

I am trying to create assignments for a survey, and I can only select an interviewer account as the “_responsible”. However, the message under “default responsible” suggest that I can select a headquarter/supervisor/interviewer account (see screenshot below). Is this a bug?
This is resulting in having only the supervisor account tagged to the interviewer account selected to be able to see the created assignments and interviews. In the case where I have 1 interviewer account and 3 supervisor accounts, 2 supervisor accounts cannot see any assignments or interviews. Is there a way to define in the batch upload a supervisor account as the _responsible for the assignment?
Otherwise, would it be possible to have the same interviewer account _responsible for all assignments, but have different supervisor accounts supervising different assignments assigned to the same interviewer account?
Thank you in advance!

This is not correct. You can select an interviewer OR supervisor OR headquarters account as the default responsible, not only an interviewer:

Thank you for the response. While it is possible to select any type of account (headquarter, supervisor, interviewer) when I try to create the assignment or upload the batch file, I get an error saying that all web interviews must be assigned to an interviewer. see screenshot below:

Great, thank you for the clarification. Now would it be possible to have a generic interviewer account assigned for all assignments, but have different supervisors associated with that interviewer?
Or should I have one supervisors for each interviewer only?

Every interviewer is supervised by only one supervisor in any given workspace, but can have different supervisors in different workspaces, see the chart here:

But don’t overengineer! If you want to interview 1,000 respondents by sending them invitations per email and have 4 supervisors reviewing, then have 4 technical interviewer accounts (1 per each supervisor) and split your assignments into 4 groups of 250 and assign to each such interviewer.

sounds good, thank you!