Decimal input questions keyboard

Dear all,

I have a survey with numeric questions set to two decimal places. I have Samsung galaxy tablets (models A & E). The same survey has been uploaded on all the tablets but for some reason the keyboard for the numeric inputs on 13 of the 52 won’t allow for a decimal (i.e. its the standard square 0-9, with a back arrow and done buttons vs the ). All tablets have the newest version of the survey solutions app.

I’ve checked, there’s no setting for the app on this. I’ve checked the keyboard settings on the device and cant seem to locate the fix on the problem. Please advise if anyone else has had this problem or if there is a fix. I’m a bit stumped.

Please check if keyboard works on a calculator app in Android.


  1. Check what is the language/culture/internationalization settings on the tablets. Most likely they are somehow configured to a different decimal separator in the Android system settings.

  2. Try to factory-reset one of the tablets that currently experience the issue and re-setup it using standard US-settings.

  3. Make sure it is not a questionnaire design issue (sometimes you put 10 numeric questions in a row and forget to switch to fractional input 1 of them, then randomly picking a question for testing you pick one that is still setup to permit only integer answers).

There might be other explanations. At the moment there are only guesses, as I don’t have access to your tablets.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

  1. I had checked the keyboard in other applications - there was a decimal
  2. the language was US english, though I also tried UK english and Swahili, without any luck
  3. was starting with factory reset tablets
  4. The same exact survey instrument was on other tablets, the decimal was not an issue for them

I was reading through the Android forums and they were saying that its a choice when you do app development on which keyboard gets used as a default. Survey solutions could require the keypad with 0-9 and decimals and the problem would be forever fixed.

The short term solution was to download the Google Board (GBoard) from the Play store. Its less secure as it comes with a default warning that it sends what you type back to google. Its a second best option. But ultimately less than secure.


I am not clear about your case. Are you experiencing this issue on all your tablets or on some of your tablets? We have both models and we are unable to replicate your case. Would you please send us an exact model number for the tablets you are using.


Just wanted to follow up on this -

There are some bugs in some of the android tablets - where it chooses non-decimal keyboards for the number options. Google Keyboard just needs to be downloaded for this.