Decimal help at a sum

I need some help,
as in the picture, have see that even if I have for example a sum of 0.2100+0.2100, it should be 0.4200. Now i get a number of 0.42000…4, all the other decimal options are already set to 3 decimal.
Can you please advise?

Hi @Oemar_Khodabaks,

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Have a look at this thread and the public example here.

So I assume Main area planted is a variable of type double named main_area_planted, create a new variable of type string with expression


You can then use this string variable to display in the static text.

Hello @Oemar_Khodabaks ,

@peter_brueck has shown above how to deal with the issue to display results on the screen. But for understanding the nature of the problem, see this article:

and mostly the Links section leading to external resources relevant to the issue.

Best, Sergiy

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Hi @peter_brueck,
thanks for your help, I will try it out

Hi @sergiy,
thanks for your help