Date is being modified when syncronized to server

Dear Survey Team,

Recently, we have experienced some issues with a date field in our interviews(this happened with 3 interviews).

The problem is as follows:

When entering a date (Example: 30/05/1995), upon synchronizing the records, one day is subtracted from the previously entered date (Example: 29/05/1995). It’s worth mentioning that this field does not have any validation. These cases do not occur in the web browser; they only happen in INTERVIEWER.

We have already verified that the information is not being modified by any interviewer, and in the actions, it can be observed that the record is only created, synchronized, and automatically modified.

I remain available for any further response regarding our issue. Thank you.

Dear @arodriguezf1295 ,
Could you please take a look at the difference between time zones on server and the interviewer application?

Has this been confirmed? Is this reproducible?