Date format in question labels

In our survey, we want to show a previously collected date (preloaded) and show it in the label. We were also to do it but the date shows as 2020-08-26 (yyyy-mm-dd) format which is not very convenient to the interviewers. Is there any way to format it in 26 Aug 2020 (dd MMM yyyy) format?

C# allows you to create strings in various DateTime formats. Have a look here or here for an overview.

In your example, ToString(“dd MMM yyy”) should work.

W.r.t to the preloading, not sure about the best approach:

Maybe create a hidden Date Question (prel_date) and then create an additional string variable with expression:

prel_date.ToString(“dd MMM yyy”)

I tried this. But it doesn’t compile. dob_old is a hidden pre-loaded question. dob_label is a variable with the expression dob_old.ToString("dd MMM yyyy"). I get the following error:

Check your variable Type. It’s a boolean on the pic?

Changed it to string. Same error.

Ahh. I think you need to take the value of dob_old:

dob_old.Value.ToString(“dd MMM yyy”)
dob_old.Value.Date.ToString(“dd MMM yyy”)


Worked like a charm! Thank you.

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