Database under Detailed Device Info

Can you please confirm whether the Database field under Detailed Device Info after clicking on an interviewer on the HQ application , relates to size of all interview data+images collected on the device and synchronised/not synchronised to the server? or is it only data that has not been synchronised?


@misha @macuata grateful for your advice on above query. Thanks

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that one,
I’m just a humble fellow user of survey solutions and haven’t needed to look into that.

Database size shown in the interviewer profile is the amount of data associated with Survey Solutions that is stored in the local storage of the tablet at the time of synchronization. This value is to be compared with the available storage. If the database is growing and available space is shrinking, you are risking to exhaust the storage on the tablet. Similarly, if this DB size for one interviewer is radically different for one interviewer compared to the rest, this means she is having some different pattern of work, perhaps not marking the interviews as completed, thus hoarding them on the tablet. No other use of this indicator is IMHO intended.

I can’t answer Harsha’s question. If the interview was rejected to an interviewer and she picked it during the synchronization and subsequently modified, should it be counted as synced (because it was already synced once) or not (because it was already modified)??? Immediately after the synchronization the database will be cleaned up to remove data that was just sent to the server, so should we think about data size at begin of synchronization or after it completes? Should we think of an interview visible on the dashboard? or space consumed by the DB just because it once contained an interview and grew to accomodate it? And many other details, which are beyond my knowledge.

Harsha, a while ago you’ve asked an innocent question about how to calculate the footprint of the Survey Solutions on the server:

and then, apparently utilized this information for something entirely different and ran into troubles:

If you are thinking about using this for anything other than comparing two numbers Database size on the tablet and Available storage on the tablet, perhaps, discuss.

Best, Sergiy

@sergiy Thanks a lot for your response.

With regards to the issue due to multiple installations of Survey Solutions HQ on one server , it is understood that they need to be each allocated a separate server to properly accommodate updates.

The database queries are related to the fact that we have been using SIM cards with mobile data on a subscription plan for synchronisation of tablets with the server , and thus we are attempting to estimate mobile data that is actually being consumed/required on a monthly basis for that particular survey.

Should you have any advice in this regard , please let me know.


See , section Traffic usage