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Currently, the survey solution data is kept on PostgreSQL, but not in a proper relational model. For that reason we have to run an ETL process to move the data into a relational data structure. We wondering if this is a structural problem with survey solutions, or just a problem with the way it has been set up in this instance ….

The answer to your question is in the FAQ: FAQ for IT personnel (see #27)

If you need to process the data collected with Survey Solutions, export the data and then conduct your analysis on the downloaded file, which seems to be what you are doing now, based on your question.

This is not specific to any server installation. It is by design of Survey Solutions.

I would not recommend constructing any system that relies on direct access to the DB. We will be making internal changes to that without announcements or documentation, hence any code that you may have working today will be broken tomorrow and the developers will not support that.

On the other hand, the API to export and download the data is standardized, and is something that is being documented, tested, and maintained.

Hope this helps, Sergiy

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Hi Sergiy.

Now that Ssolution is opensource, do you know where i can find a db model structure / DER / Some kind of documentation about how the data model was built? any der/diagram / metadata / dictionary would help a lot.