Data traffic in each synchronization

I am researching the use of data traffic in each synchronization.

In some tests I realized that the traffic is lower when I am synchronizing from my tablet (interviewer) to my HQ (except when I am synchronizing a survey with many questions photo-type answered).

I can also appreciate that when I am synchronizing from HQ to my tablet (interviewer), the traffic is greater at each synchronization.

I do the following steps and I get this values:

  1. First synchronization since the HQ to Interviewer (tablet): 782 Kb (for download my assigns as Interviewer)
  2. Second synchronization since the Interviewer (tablet) to HQ: 66,126 Kb (in this case I added some photos in the interview completed).
  3. Third synchronization since the HQ to Interviewer (tablet): 6,075 Kb
  4. Fourth synchronization since the Interviewer (tablet) to HQ: 733 Kb
  5. Fifth synchronization since the HQ to Interviewer (tablet): 10,520 Kb
  6. Sixth synchronization since the Interviewer (tablet) to HQ: 728 Kb
  7. Seventh synchronization since the HQ to Interviewer (tablet): 14,926 Kb
  8. Eightth synonization since the Interviewer (tablet) to HQ: 727 Kb

The third, fifth, seventh, 2n-1 (odd number) synchronization is going to use more traffic of data.

I would like to know how I can have an estimation with more details of the total of traffic usage in each synchronization, because I need to hire a data plan and I need specify how much traffic usage I going to need when my survey is working in the field.

Thank you for such detailed measures of traffic used by the application, but it lacks some important details:

  1. How many questions were answered between each synchronization?
  2. Is there picture questions in questionnaire?
  3. Was audio log enabled during interview?
  4. Were there new assignments created on HQ for the interviewer between synchronizations?
  5. How many times interview was opened and closed on tablet (it produces information about interview duration)?

Amount of traffic for each synchronization depends on used features and interviewer activity.

Hello @andrii

The answer your questions are:

In the second synchronization we answered 244 question, of this 28 questions was answered with photos.
In the fourth synchronization we answered 20 more questions, having a total of 264 (the last 244 plus this 20 questions) questions answered, in this fourth synchronization nothing question was answered with photos.
The next synchronizations since Interviewer to HQ wasn’t answered with any more question.

Yes, we have 28 pictures questions answered but this number could be incresead according the numbers of roster opens in each situation.



The interview was open four times and close again four times. The last two opens was only for click the buttom “Complete” without make any change in the interview.

There is a fix in data compression between IN and HQ in version 19.04.4. Please update if You on local installation, or update devices, so that can utilize compression.

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With this solution between IN and HQ, the data traffic in each synchronization could be smaller mainly in the data traffic since HQ to In?

And thanks for help me and give following in this case @alfeg

I expect around 10-20 times less traffic for interview event stream in both directions. Compression should work for all devices and servers after 19.04.4 version. It were broken some time ago. Thanks for pointing us into this issue.
Rejected streams will still became bigger on each interview ping-pong , but not that dramatic as this thread started.

Hope this helps.