Data Pull From Excel

Is there anyone who can assist me with this? We conducted a baseline survey, and I’m interested in retrieving information such as names, numbers, and addresses from it for the purpose of conducting a second-round survey.

Hi Sandeep,
We use the same system. Can you please share the details about your system?
I will try to help you

If your objective is to create assignments from data from a prior round of data collection, have a look at this thread.

Once your baseline is complete, EXPORT the data from Survey Solutions. You will find the values entered as answers to questions in the exported data files. (perhaps, tab-delimited format is best for this task). The exact structure of that exported data file will depend on the structure of your questionnaire that you’ve composed in the Designer tool, and of which we have no knowledge. In the simplest case it may be sufficient to simply delete the columns with data that you don’t need and re-upload the file, while in more complex cases you may need some more sophisticated transformations of the data.

Hope this helps, Sergiy