Data not visible after export

We have questionnaire and designer working perfect as expected and few data were collected as samples by 5 interviewers. I tried to export the data, and when downloaded, it only shows the headings. We need to see the preloaded variables and the data collected in various rosters. Even when Data Export in Tabular Format? The file size of data collected is 0.1MB. What must I do to see the data collected?

Can you reproduce the problem on the demo server?

The same problem occur on the demo server

Very good. Then we might be able to track it. What is the

  • questionnaire name and version?
  • Interview ID? and
  • when was it submitted from interviewer to the server?

Thank you

name of questionnaire is
WAFM Survey Nigeria January 2019 version 2

. describe, short

Contains data from     C:\Temp\\WAFMNIGJAN2019.dta
  obs:             2                          
 vars:           500                          13 Jan 2019 16:39
 size:         7,516                          
Sorted by: 

. list interview*

     | interview~y                      interview__id   interv~s |
  1. | 01-22-32-73   4b9a506031a34a7c88dacd082805de16     Interv |
  2. | 89-21-20-15   df50e5063aa2424eb192d9763b7e33b6     Interv |

:mag_right::mag_right::mag_right: What are we looking here for specifically?

Thanks well appreciated. we need to download and see samples of data collected during the testing survey.

The screen looks like this


the file size 0.1MB when opened I could see

How do I view the data captured under each of the variables listed…

I read through the documentation and noted a command

The format of the query is generally as follows:
[headquarters address]/api/v1/export/[export type]/[questionnaire identity]/[action]

Not sure how to move forward from here …assistance needed pls

  1. Start Excel
  2. Open in it the file .
  3. Then repeat #2 for all the other files mentioned in export_readme.txt